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New Releases!

Higher Ground Books & Media has released three new books!

Jack Kramer's Journey by Frank Adkins

Jack Kramer is forty, divorced, and has been sober for nearly a year. Overcome with guilt for the breakup of his family, he cannot yet face his sons. Still on shaky ground, for the last several months he has immersed himself in reviving the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner that he drove in his youth. When his high school girlfriend, Kim Hurley, returns to their hometown of Colorado Springs, Jack gets a second chance with the love that should have been. As their relationship flourishes, Jack grows stronger and soon reaches out to his sons. But when Kim returns to her home in Maine and breaks off contact with him, Jack’s newfound strength is put to the test. Unable to bear losing her again, he is forced to confront his fears. He must go to Maine and find the answers that await him.

Ironies, Coincidences, & Absurdities by Henryk Hoffmann

Honest, unbiased and oftentimes self-mocking, the author shares highlights of his personal and professional life in Poland and the USA, spanning over nearly seventy years. Emphasizing the uplifting, hilarious, ironic, paradoxical and absurd situations, the episodes address growing up, professional struggles and successes, love and married life, friendships, parenthood, social life, short- and long-distance travels and even relationships with pets. This book, a memoir, routinely alludes to the author’s lifelong passion: film.

Deliverance by Yasmin S. Brown

Suffering in silence from sexual assault and domestic violence remains until her since of security gets taken away. Unhinged and vulnerable Taquayasia taps into her survivor instincts and revisits her past of molestation, rape, attempted suicide, and alcohol only to discover the true meaning of her grandmother’s last words, “he will be back.” The brokenness continues in order to find her self-worth, self-love and self-confidence. This book creates interaction and encouragement to find oneself in the darkness.

All three titles are available now in our HGBM Shop! Get yours today!

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