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Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent Christian-based publisher designed to provide a platform from which selected authors may share their stories.  The ultimate goal of this company is not to provide authors with a place to promote themselves, but to provide them with a place where they can share their stories of triumph over personal challenges and in doing so, glorify God.  Specifically, we are looking for how God has made an impact in your life. Books with themes that run contrary to God's word aren't likely to be accepted.

We are a unique publishing company and one of the few publishers who accept unsolicited, un-agented manuscripts.  We are seeking authors whose work is inspirational, motivational, or educational. We are especially interested in Ministry Resources, Memoirs, and Personal Testimony. No erotica or horror, please.


Currently, we are only accepting submissions written in English. 

Authors must also be residents of the United States.




Submissions for 2024 are now open!



To submit your book for consideration, please read our complete submission guidelines here and then use our submission form to submit your query.  We will reply to let you know whether or not to send your entire manuscript for consideration.  



please visit the Bulletproof Books Page.


Prospective authors should submit the following:


  1. A short summary of their book as well as 1-2 sample chapters,

  2. Your intended audience, and 

  3. Initial ideas for your marketing platform.


Your story must be completely finished when you submit your sample chapters.  We will not review incomplete submissions.

Submit your proposal online using our Contact Us form or via e-mail at


The author should retain a copy of any material submitted as Higher Ground Books & Media cannot assume responsibility for the receipt, security, or return of such material.


We carefully review every submission, so please allow AT LEAST six to eight weeks for a response.  During peak times, it may take us longer to review.  We will acknowledge initial receipt of your manuscript, but we ask that you not bombard us with emails asking about the status of your manuscript.  We WILL respond whether or not we decide to offer you a publishing contract.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

No simultaneous submissions please.  It takes a while for us to review, so if you decide to submit elsewhere please let us know so that we can remove your submission from our list. 

Our submission guidelines are listed below:

1. We are currently only accepting electronic submissions (ie. Microsoft Word files).  Please do not embed special characters or photos within the text of your submission.

For books with photos or artwork (such as Children's Books), if your book is accepted you will be required to submit photos or artwork within the guidelines stated in the author contract. You may submit your text with captions on a separate sheet or sheets. Be sure to include page numbers where photos are to be placed. 

For children's books that require an illustrator, please let us know up front whether or not you have an artist that you are working with or if you might need to utilize one of our artists for the book.  HGBM Artists do charge a fee.

2. We appreciate the use of a single, clear font, 12 point size. The best to use is Arial.

3. If you write under a pseudonym, put that beneath the title with your real name in parentheses.

We look forward to reading your submission.

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