Higher Ground Books & Media (HGBM) publishes books that are inspirational, educational, and motivational.  Along with our imprint, Bulletproof Books, HGBM seeks to advance the ideals of loving God and Country through providing resources for use in ministry, personal exploration of the Christian faith, and celebration of American history, traditions, and values.  

Our products include paperbacks, e-books, and audio-books*.  

Contact: highergroundbooksandmedia@gmail.com


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Submit your manuscript for consideration for our upcoming calendar!  See our submission guidelines for more information. 


Authors whose works are selected will receive:


  • Our standard publishing contract including a 70/30 royalty split on all eligible sales,

  • A 50% discount on the book's retail price for author purchases, and

  • Inclusion in our corporate marketing.


To submit your book please check our submission guidelines for instructions!


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For authors who need a little help with the technical stuff, want to be a part of a publishing family, but prefer not to share royalties, we offer a hybrid publishing package! 


We will publish the paperback and e-book just as we would for our traditionally published titles, and for a fee (determined on a project-by-project basis), we will:


  • Share the publishing rights for the first twelve months after release,

  • Add the book to our collection in the HGBM Shop, and

  • Provide all of the marketing services we provide for our traditional catalog. 


We reserve the right to reject titles/manuscripts that do not fit the mission and purpose of Higher Ground Books & Media/Bulletproof Books.

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If you just need help with setting the book up on a publishing platform and getting it listed to Amazon, we can walk through the entire process with you for a fee (determined on a project-by-project basis). 

  • All rights for the project will belong to the author. 

  • All dashboard controls will be given to the author. 

  • And all profits will be directed to the author. 

Once the book is prepared and released, the author takes over the reins.  We can set up your paperback, e-book, and audio-book!

For more information or a quote on our Hybrid and Self-Publishing Packages, e-mail us here.