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HGBM Feature: Writing for Humans

Many writers are afraid of what the introduction of AI onto the writing scene means for the future of books. As I examine this issue, I'm finding that there actually is a place for AI when it comes to writing. But that place should not be where authors are currently sitting. AI can be a useful tool for planning and organizing our stories, it can be helpful for developing content to promote what we write, and it can be a great tool for helping authors break free from writer's block. AI should not, however, be used to create books for consumption by readers. Readers need writing that has a soul and AI cannot offer that. Readers need inspirational, empowering words that come from writers whose experiences drive their thoughts and written expression.

I've recently recorded a podcast about my thoughts on AI and whether or not it will be able to replace writers as we know them. Take a few moments and listen to our podcast today.

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