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Great New Resource from HGBM Author, Stephen Shepherd!

Eyes of Understanding presents narrative examples of secular evil, explains the benefits of removing yourself from it by living in the Spirit instead of the flesh, and then explains lifestyle changes to help you to make that transition. It seeks to substitute the anxiety in life produced by living in the flesh in the secular world with a more peaceful and holier lifestyle achieved by living in the Spirit with Jesus. Bible verses are cited throughout the book to substantiate this lifestyle change, and by embracing your more spiritual self, you can better understand what God expects of you.

Stephen Shepherd earned his BA and MA degrees in English from Northern Michigan University and his MFA in Creative Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He has taught college writing for over thirty years, and his first novella, The Last Chord Concert, received a major review in Publishers Weekly. Most recently, Chronicles of A Spiritual Journey, a collection of 36 personal narratives, was published in 2019, and a collection of short stories, Stories at the Edge, was also published in 2019. A collection of 71 reflective essays, God: The Power Source of Everything, was published in 2018. In addition, Mr. Shepherd was a former voting member of The Recording Academic (Grammy's) based on six CDs consisting of 68 original songs. His two most recent singer-songwriter albums Escape Is Not A Place and Livin' On Borrowed Time rose to #1 on the U.S. Roots Music Chart. Currently, Mr. Shepherd lives on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in Burlington, Iowa, where he lives with his wife, Janet, and their cat, Charlie.

You can pre-order your copy of this amazing book in the HGBM Shop or you can get the Kindle version today here.

As an added bonus, from now through 2/20/21, we're offering both of Stephen Shepherd's books, Chronicles of a Spiritual Journey and Eyes of Understanding for just $9.00 each, plus shipping. Just use the Code SHEPHERD21 at checkout in the HGBM Shop.

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