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Brand New for the Holidays!

Author, Joe Siccardi has written a delightful new story and it's all about Santa Claus! Illustrated by Jasmine Ogletree,Yes, There is a Santa...And I've Met Him Personally Many Times is now available for Kindle and the paperback is available for pre-order in the HGBM Shop.

There are skeptics out there. There are children wavering on the edge of belief. There are young ones who believe with all their being. Author Joe Siccardi has answered the question, Is there a Santa Claus? Yes there is! He makes the claim to all audiences based on seeing Santa many times throughout his life from a kid on Santa's lap to telling his stories about Santa encounters throughout his life.

Yes, There is a Santa...will be available at a special, discounted rate for Kindle for the next five days, so get yours today!

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