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An Important Announcement from HGBM

After much prayer and consideration, Higher Ground Books & Media has decided to discontinue its affiliation with two of our major social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. We will be ceasing all interactions on these two platforms within the next several days. We wanted to let you know that we will no longer be posting on these two sites so that you can continue to follow us on this blog and on our other social media sites.

As an actual publisher, we simply cannot condone the censorship that is being practiced by the owner of these platforms and we refuse to continue working with any entity that engages in such discriminatory practices. While it is absolutely fine for platforms to have rules and guidelines, cutting off access to a person or group simply because you disagree with its ideologies is discrimination.

We hope that you will continue to stop by our website and to support our amazing authors. They bring you stories of triumph and victory of many of life's challenges. We have over 100 titles available and will be bringing more great stories to you throughout this year. Though it is difficult and not at all convenient to discontinue our presence on these two sites, it is our moral and ethical obligation. We will always strive to uphold Christian values here and when we are faced with decisions such as these, we will consider them prayerfully and apply the wisdom that God gives.

You can still find us on the following sites:

We will add more as we find other appropriate platforms to join.

Thank you for your continued support and God bless!

Rebecca Benston, Owner

Higher Ground Books & Media

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