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Ministry Minute: From the Editor's Desk

Every once in a while, I like to share a few thoughts here. I am not only an author and publisher, but I'm a believer in Jesus Christ and in how His power can fully transform our lives if we just let Him guide us. Here are some thoughts I shared on my Facebook page a while back about understanding how effective we are in our personal ministry:

In ministry, I sometimes have to ask myself the question, who did I alienate today? Just to make sure I'm still paying attention to what God wants me to do and not just doing what I want to do to satisfy my own agenda. Mind you, I'm not asking whether or not I alienated someone. I'm asking who I left out when I was trying to spread the word. No matter how good I think I am at teaching others about Him, inevitably, I'll miss the mark with someone. This is very much my problem and not the fault of those in my "audience" who simply didn't get what I was saying. I wonder how much more effective we would be as Christians if we all asked ourselves this question on a regular basis....we must remember who Jesus actually was and what He taught. Are we even getting close with our messages? This is what wakes me up at spite of what I like to blame on my noisy neighbors.

We could all use a little help at times. And this is especially true when we are trying to minister to others or simply help those we love through a challenging time. HGBM has some great ministry resources that you may find helpful if you're looking for insight into a particular issue and how we can achieve faith-based resolution to our problems. Check out these titles and many others in our SHOP today!

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