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A Little Bit of You: Writing Your Memoir

Higher Ground Books & Media publishes memoirs. It just makes sense that we would love these types of stories because they focus mainly on the experiences of the author. Telling your story can be therapeutic. Sharing your experiences can bring healing. We have published several memoirs including From a Hole in My Life to a Life Made Whole by Janet Kay Teresa, Out of Darkness by Stephen Bowman, and Dear You by Derra Nicole Sabo. Each of these authors has a unique perspective about the challenges they have faced, and they invite you to learn more about those challenges through the stories they tell.

We receive submissions every day that are intended to be memoirs, but instead read more like journal entries that have no real message other than to record information. Memoirs dig a little deeper and in reading them, you can see where the author has really examined his or her experiences and where they have tried to learn from the things that have happened to them. One bit of advice I’ve given to authors is that you really need to be sure when you write your memoir that you have, in fact, processed and healed from any life events that brought about trauma. Otherwise, you’re are really just venting and pointing fingers at those who have hurt you. The point of writing a memoir is to share the things that meant something to you and to help the reader understand why they did.

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Rebecca Benston is the author of The Rona Shively Stories mystery series as well as a number of inspirational works including Wise Up to Rise Up. She is also the owner of Higher Ground Books & Media (HGBM); an independent publisher located in Springfield, Ohio. HGBM publishes works that are inspirational, motivational, and education. Books available through HGBM include devotionals, memoirs, fiction, children’s books, poetry and assorted non-fiction works. The company has been in business since 2013 and continues to grow.

Benston is interested in changing the world through sharing stories of transformation. HGBM is a Christian-based publisher that accepts most genres with the exception of horror and erotica. The mission of HGBM is to help others tell their stories. Paired with Benston’s ministry, Higher Ground for Life, she hopes to bring the good news to those who desperately need to hear it.

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