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*Available for pre-order* The spectacular sequel to Of Love and Witches.   Oliver Wright has some tough decisions to make. The newly elected DA of Silver Water, Georgia has to contend with protecting his community, enforcing the law, and also with matters of the heart. After having his heart broken by the great love of his life, immersing himself in work seems to be the only answer. His new love is the law and defending the town of Silver Water from perpetrators and assailants. Not risking his heart again is playing it safe. So, when Erin Brasfield tries to get close, Oliver pushes her away before they can even get started. Is Oliver able to move forward with Erin, or will he forever remain stuck nursing the wounds of a failed relationship with a woman who didn’t choose him in the end?   

Erin & Oliver by Marjorie Joseph

SKU: 978-1949798685
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