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You can recover from trauma

This week, our focus is on Healing from Trauma. This is one of our three pillars because the after effects of going through trauma of any kind can be longstanding and extremely damaging if not processed thoroughly and correctly. Healing is possible. Whether you've been through physical, mental, emotional, or psychological trauma, you can rebuild and come back stronger than ever.

I've suffered many types of trauma in my life. I'm a rape survivor, I've had five miscarriages. I've been divorced. I've lived in extreme poverty. I've dealt with depression and anxiety. And alcoholism. And in each case, I've been able to bounce back. It wasn't without great difficulty and pain, but I managed to recover and rebuild my life each time things fell apart. My faith carried me through those times even when it wasn't at its strongest. God never left my side and He showed me how to use each of these traumas as a building block for recovery and for helping others to see how they can recover.

I certainly wouldn't have chosen a path littered with so much turmoil and chaos. But God, for some reason, decided that I needed to have those experiences in order to grow in the direction He wanted me to grow. And while it didn't make sense to me as I was going through it, I can look back and see the purpose of each challenge I faced now. You can heal. You can recover from whatever life throws at you. Reach out to God and hold onto Him, no matter what. He's got you.

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From a Hole in My Life to a Life Made Whole by Janet Kay Teresa

Daddy Goes To Treatment by Brittany Patrick

Knowing Affliction and Doing Recovery by John Baldasare

Out of Darkness by Stephen Bowman

Raven Transcending Fear by Terri Kozlowski

Single, Sober, & Serious by Rebecca Benston

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