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The Warriors of Higher Ground

Awful things happen to good people every day. Some trials are more horrifying than others, but in the end what brings us together is the hope that we can heal from our wounds. The writers who come to Higher Ground Books & Media are more than just people who want to put their names on the front cover of a book. They are people who are fighting for healing. Healing from bullying, rape, molestation, depression, addiction, disease, divorce, and poverty. They are warriors for a purpose and their courage is overwhelming. Stories like Judy Frisby's The Real Prison Diaries or Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta's I Don't Want to Be Like You or Sandra Bretting's Shameless Persistence or Talia Stone's Despising the Shame capture the real-life pain and suffering we face when we are broken. A testimony to the healing power of God and the importance of speaking your truth, the stories we publish at Higher Ground will remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. We can't say enough about the need to tell your story when you are ready. You not only help yourself to heal, but you help others to understand that being victimized is not a reflection of who they are, but of what is broken in their attackers. Being sick does not make you worthless. Being poor does not mean you have no value. Being broken does not mean you can't heal. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But God!!!! He can take what is broken and make it strong again. He gives you beauty for ashes!

Here are a few more titles we have that address pain and healing:

Out of Darkness by Stephen Bowman

Dear You by Derra Nicole Sabo

From Judgment to Jubilee by Rebecca Benston

I Just Want to Be Normal by Yasmin S. Brown

In the spirit of Valentine's Day love, we would like to give you 10% off of your next purchase through the Higher Ground Shop. Use our discount code HEAL214 for this special Valentine's Day discount on your next Shop purchase. This code is good on our paperbacks only, so take a look in our shop today and get something to feed your soul.

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher located in Springfield, Ohio. We publish books that are meant educate, motivate, and inspire. We hope that you will find something in our stories that speaks to you and helps you on the path to your own healing from whatever ails you. If you have a story to tell, check out our submission guidelines if you're ready to share. Speak your truth. Feed your soul. Be blessed!

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