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In 2014, Mackenzie Basham dropped her little boy off at her Mother's house on a Friday night and never returned. The following week, her family saw 19-year-old Mackenzie's mug shot on the local evening news and she has not been home since. This is the true story of correspondence between Mackenzie and her mother throughout years of her incarceration.  Through their letters, they grieve one another while still alive and they tackle issues of drug abuse, suicide, homosexuality, family acceptance, violence, prison rape, police corruption, and Mackenzie’s child growing up without his parents.


This story brings you inside the prison cell, afraid to close your eyes some nights hearing Mackenzie’s descriptions of the mental and physical torture many female inmates endure while in a U.S. state prison. The book also helps you see through the eyes of a shattered mother who has watched a perfectly beautiful child spiral from being her pride and joy down to rock bottom and into a living hell.

The Real Prison Diaries by Judy Frisby

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