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Our newest release: Meant to Be by Becka L. Jones

This memoir is a solid testimony to God's guiding hand and how He will bring us through trials if we just trust Him to do so. Meant to Be by Becka L. Jones is a life story so far of another of God's great works-in-progress.

My life has been one big adventure. I didn’t realize how much I had seen and how many things I had done until I wrote this book. Right after high school I moved from cold Minnesota to sunny, warm Oahu, Hawaii and fell in love with paradise. I had many adventures, whether I was on an active volcano watching the lava flow just below my feet, swimming with the dolphins in the ocean, going on solo trips, hiking up gigantic mountains and waterfalls, or swimming at my favorite beaches. I enjoyed Hawaii and all it had to offer. It truly was paradise. It may sound like a dream come true, but it wasn’t always easy. I grew up in a single-parent home. During my childhood, my mom and I didn’t seem to get along. My dad was not in my life, so I struggled with pain, insecurity, and feelings of rejection and abandonment. I had been sexually abused which messed me up, and then I met Jesus!

You can pre-order your paperback now in the HGBM Shop. The Kindle will be available on Amazon soon!

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