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New Horizons for HGBM!

While AI-generated content isn't something we would normally seek out, an opportunity to work with AI has recently presented itself to Higher Ground Books & Media. Through a new program being offered by KDP (Amazon's publishing platform), we are now able to offer some of our titles on audio using AI-generated narration. Ordinarily, this isn't something I would be interested in. I'm a huge fan of audiobooks and I love to hear the different presentation styles of all of the talented narrators out there. But for some books, using regular narration isn't necessarily cost-effective and simply isn't a good investment of time for professional narrators. For example, in the case of children's books where there are usually less than 40 pages of reading. Having audio available for books like these is awesome for kids because they can have the story read to them whenever they want instead of having to wait until a parent or older sibling has time to read it.

Since we're just starting to use this service, we have released these three books using the AI-generated audio. Two are for kids, one is a special holiday story that was written as part of the mystery series I write. Check them out today and let us know what you think of the audio. We'd love to hear from you!

How did you like the AI-generated narration?

  • It was great!

  • It was okay, but I prefer real, live human narrators.

  • It was not so great.

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