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It's November...

The season of giving starts here. As we look ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are thinking of ways to give you more of the inspiration, education, and motivation you need. We've got great, new stories coming your way including two awesome Hanukkah books from HGBM Author, Ron Isaacs! You can get these now for Kindle or pre-order your paperback in the HGBM Shop.

And we're also looking for more ways to help you embrace (no pun intended here) our three pillars. These include Healing from Trauma, Using Your Gifts, and Growing Your Faith -- or what we like to call our HUGs. I'll be sharing a bit of inspiration with you on our blog each week to help you navigate these three areas.

Be sure to sign up to be a site member and join our forum group for Prayer Requests and Praise Reports! We'd love to pray for you and we'd love to hear about the awesome things that God is doing in your life.

Have a great week and remember to stop in and see what's new in the Shop!

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