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How to grow your faith

Understanding your relationship with God is the most important piece of knowledge you can develop in your lifetime. It doesn't matter how much you learn in any other area of your life; if you haven't put time into learning more about who He is and what He wants for you, then you're missing the whole point of your existence. And by learning about your relationship with Him, I'm not talking about just going through the motions of attending church, listening to worship music, and tuning into the latest Christian commentary. You begin to understand God when you start connecting the dots between the life events you've experienced and God's intervention or guidance during those times. When you seek His advice and support above all else, you will find that your perspective changes. And yes, you can build your relationship with Him through going to church, listening to worship music, and reading or listening to Christian commentary. But those are just checklist items. Those are often simply external expressions of belief. They may not even connect directly to what faith means to you.

There are things you can do that will help you grow your faith. These generally include reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, and simply trusting God with all things. And really, all you have to do is start talking to Him. He's waiting for you. All the time. There is no wrong time to reach out to God. There is no time when He doesn't want to hear from you. He sees you and He understands that you may not quite know what to do first or next or no matter where you are in the process. We've put together a short list of resources to help you navigate these areas of faith development. You can get all of these in the HGBM Shop!

32 Days with Christ's Passion by Mark Etter

The passion of Jesus was our salvation. Follow the steps of Jesus from before Holy Week to the cross and to the empty tomb. Ponder the meaning of His passion for you and walk beside Him seeing details of the passion that you never saw before.

Man Made by Grace by Willie Deeanjlo White

“Man Made” by Grace is a play on the concept of how to become a man of God and the Grace that God has given to man. Acknowledging Christ in 1993 was a decision that at the time I believe that I did on my own, for myself, but nothing could have been farther from the truth. It is and was the awesome Love of God that Drew me into awareness of the need, but it was the foundation of love that prepared me for His Grace.

Talking it Over With Him by Rebecca Benston

Daily prayer is the best way to build your relationship with God. Learning to hear Him takes time and effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. Take time, find peace, seek answers, and get to know the Creator.

The Words of My Father by Mark Nemetz

The Words of My Father captures the nightly dialogue between a father and son before the boy falls asleep. Every evening, before tucking him in, Giuseppe tells his son stories, some from his own life, some fictional, which serve to illustrate the phrases which make up the Lord's prayer. "Papa, I don't understand!" the boy protests. So his father, step by step, illustrates what the words mean for him in the light of his life and imagination before his son dozes off. Little by little both son and father reach a deeper understanding of fatherhood, kinship, faith and gratitude.

Oasis or Mirage by Terra Kern

In OASIS OR MIRAGE: WHICH JESUS ARE YOU FOLLOWING? we are confronted with a question that must be answered. From our accepted definition of an oasis, Jesus is offering His followers a fertile place to grow and be life for others. At the heart of the book, Jesus is calling His church to walk in maturity and demonstrate the fruit of the kingdom. While the mirage is offering similar looking things, they only come to enslave us to lies brought forth by darkness masquerading as light.

Miracles: I Love Them by Forest Godin

Make time to read this wonderful book of testimony. God's hand is in ALL things and Godin's stories about his life will inspire you and warm your heart.

Each of these great stories will help you build your faith and understanding of God. These titles are available at a 15% discount this week only. Pick them up today in the HGBM Shop.

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