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HGBM is looking for you!

Each year, we take a bit of a break to regroup and refresh so that we can attack the last half of the year with renewed energy. The next few months are our busiest and we want to make sure that we are able to bring you the best possible stories to enjoy. You may have noticed that we have been advertising for new submissions. If you're an author and you've written a story that matches up with our calls for submissions, please be sure to send us your manuscript. We'd love to read your story and possibly add it to our catalog. Right now, we're looking for a little bit of everything for the 2024 calendar. Here are our areas of focus for next year:

  • Fiction - YA, Children's, and Adults

  • Non-Fiction - History, Health, and DIY

  • Memoir/Biography/Testimony - True stories to motivate others in their healing.

  • Ministry Resources - Bible Study materials, devotionals, etc.

If you've written something that fits these categories and you're ready to publish, consider sending it our way. We'll review it and let you know if it fits our mission and focus. Keep in mind that we are a Christian publisher, so stories must align with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Take a look at the books in our catalog for a better idea of what we publish. And of course, read over our submission guidelines before submitting.

We look forward to hearing from you. We love to tell the story!

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