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Happy Thanksgiving! Check Out These Great New Titles!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We hope you were able to take advantage of the free Kindle promotions we've had this month! If not, never fear! We'll have more great promotions for you soon. For now, check out our latest releases!

Rudy the Maintenance Man by Kerry Olitzky

More than just a maintenance man, Rudy is an integral part of the synagogue family. He fixes things and comforts people. But when he gets hurt, he is unable to put up his Christmas tree and decorate his home. So, members of the synagogue come to the rescue. This interfaith story helps people to understand that you can show kindness to others in the midst of their holidays, even when it's not your own.

Pre-Order the Paperback in our Shop.

Little Jenna Jafferty in Life Lessons by Terra Kern

In Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges and Chuckles, Jenna experienced a lot of changes taking place in her life. But when you’re just a little girl, the more you grow up, the more lessons there are to learn about life.

Being five years old isn’t easy, and every day Jenna seems to find new ways to stun or fluster her family. As 1967 rolls on and Jenna grows a little older, the world starts to come even more alive and the possibilities are endless—endless possibilities to get herself into mischief or create mayhem that is! Whether she’s running away, or involved in a terrifying game of hide-and-seek, or creating some picnic havoc, Jenna will never stop fighting for what she thinks is right! Problem is, not everyone sees it HER way…

Pre-Order the Paperback in our Shop.

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