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Over the years, Marjorie Joseph has partnered with her Heavenly Father, and has penned a number of unique stories and experiences.  Her journey as an author has led her far away from the course she would have chosen for herself. Writing is no longer a hobby or pastime. It is a God-given ministry with the potential to impact lives for the better one reader at a time.  She sees writing as a tool given to her by God for the purpose of reaching the lost for Christ, and to offer hope to those who know Him as their Lord.


Of Weight Loss & Witches

Available Now.

Evaniese Spencer is indeed beautiful!  She also has a lot going for her.  However, there are so many issues bogging her down.  Not only is she overweight, but she’s unappreciated, overworked and underpaid at her job.  Furthermore, she’s belittled in her personal relationships.  Displeased with the trajectory of her life, she resolves to make a change. 

Surely, getting a handle on her weight by having surgery is a great first step.  Thinking her best friends will be happy for her, she tells them of her plan.  But, not only are they triggered by her decision, they start plotting to frustrate it.  Still, being betrayed by her closest friends is only the beginning.     

Suddenly, Evaniese finds herself the object of fierce attacks and opposition.  There are a brood of witches scheming to keep her in a cycle of loneliness and obesity.  These women are dedicated to destroying her.  Some are work colleagues, while others attend her church.  Their strategy is to employ witchcraft to undermine her in any way they can. 

Targeting her weight and her romantic connections, they make it their life’s mission to block and overturn anything remotely good in Evaniese’s life.  Overseeing her downfall and causing her perpetual heartache is their delight!  And yet, every cloud has its silver lining.  Can Evaniese’s faith prevail against the will of her enemies, or will the weight loss witches have their way, and keep her in a never-ending loop of misery?

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