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the Holy Cow
by Ron Isaacs

Available for Pre-Order. 

The fourth of the Ten Commandments features the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy and
observe it as a day of rest. We are told that even one’s animals must not work on the holy Sabbath.
Midnight the Holy Cow is a reminder that for thousands of years the Bible recognized the importance of
animals too taking some time to enjoy and to rest on the holy Sabbath.

About the Author: 

Ron Isaacs has published more than 135 books that make learning and lore accessible to readers of all
ages. His books are invaluable sources of information and definitive reference works for people of all
faiths. Among his many books with Higher Ground Books & Media are Reba Loves Shabbat, Oscar’s
Hanukkah: A Poetic Tale, The Sheep with the Golden Horns and I am a Little Dreidel.


He can be reached
at and one can follow his blogs at

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