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Raven Transcending Fear is part memoir, part self-help guide. It’s the authors' raw and personal story of childhood abuse, and diving deep into her terror before ultimately getting comfortable with fear and transcending it. Though Terri had loving people in her life, her mother was abusive and enabled others to traumatize her.  To get drugs, her mother allowed strangers to assault her 11-year-old body sexually. She then left her and her sister alone on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Terri’s childhood left her filled with fear until she embarked on a spiritual journey and learned the skills of empowerment, which have allowed her to transcend the fear and regain a connection with the Divine.  Everyone is born fearless and knowing who they are and what their purpose is. However, life experience or abuse may instill fear and break the connection with our authentic selves. Through this memoir, readers will go on the journey with her as Terri moves from a life ruled by fear to fearlessness. 

Raven Transcending Fear by Terri Kozlowski

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