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The first book of the author’s testimony, Forgiven and Not Forgotten, was the testimonial of how God was with her every step of her life, from when she was just a little wee one, all the way up until the time of her writing it. This second book of Terra’s testimony, Journey to the Mountaintop ~ Next Level Revelation, is the testimony of how God then expanded her understanding of her life from way back in the past from the generations of her forefathers and mothers before her, to this present season. It documents Terra’s personal tribulations and triumphs in discovering who she is in God, and a deeper revelation of who He is to her by way of the literal miracles He wrought on her behalf. She shares all of this to be a rallying cry and encouragement for everyone in this present generation to discover all they are in God, begin their next level journey to the mountaintop in Him, and gain that third day spiritual perception.

Journey to the Mountaintop by Terra Kern

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