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Available for Pre-Order. The second book in the JOTT series! 


Three kids and one magical amulet in the Land Down Under…


Kathy, Jeffrey and Chen are invited to spend their winter break in Australia with their new friends Captain Joe, and his family…but the Tiger Amulet has other plans for them.


After a unique breakfast at a small café in the Land Down Under, Kathy and her brothers are kidnapped by smugglers but manage to escape and eventually find themselves stranded in the Outback with minimal supplies.


Pursued by their abductors and evading a variety of dangerous creatures out in the bush – including a ferocious crocodile – the sweltering heat of the Australian desert becomes their worst enemy.


Will they find the strength to survive the challenges of the Outback as they puzzle out the mystery of the Tiger Amulet?

Journey of the Tiger Amulet: Strength by Robin M. Adams

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