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Melody Maxwell has it all! She's smart, beautiful and successful. Her one drawback is that she has no luck with men. After a string of failed relationships, she meets Darien Stiles. He's a handsome and lucrative businessman. What Melody doesn't know is that Darien is a married, and he's a closet criminal. When Melody learns the truth, she drops him like a bad habit. Melody thinks she's free from her risky ties with Darien Stiles, but she's in for the surprise of her life. Darien's boss, Clarke Vale, an even bigger scoundrel, has his eye on her, and will stop at nothing to have her. An unplanned meeting with Luke Bryant is a game-changer for Melody. Luke actually is Mr. Right. They fall in love, but there are roadblocks and pitfalls along the way the two could not have foreseen.

Destiny Revealed by Marjorie Joseph

SKU: 978-1-955368-14-8
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