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Melody and Luke have indeed come a long way! Gone are the days where Luke has to trade off his love for Melody to help his family. With his world-shattering technology, he destroys Clarke Vale’s evil empire, and eradicates the crime lord from their lives for good. Once a pauper, Luke is now a billionaire, and the entire world is his oyster. So, Luke and Melody are poised for a happy ending. As they elevate in power, their enemy sits in a jail cell awaiting trial. Hopeless, Clarke Vale ostensibly commits suicide. Luke and Melody think it’s the end of that chapter of their lives. However, they soon learn that with new levels come new devils. Their glorified status attracts new enemies. They might also have to wage war with some of the old ones, if they are to fulfill their destiny.

Destiny Fulfilled by Marjorie Joseph

SKU: 978-1955368322
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