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Domenic and Antoinette Lombardi began dating when they were teenagers. And soon afterward Domenic was called to fight in the Korean War. During his time in combat, he wrote his love, Antoinette, over 200 letters. She saved every one of them. She also put together scrap books that contained newspaper clippings of the war, photographs, holiday cards, and other memorabilia; as well as more recent newspaper clippings of celebrations such as their anniversaries and birthdays. Domenic had his own collection of memories, several typed, as well as handwritten notebook diaries, filled with the truth he experienced fighting for The United States. Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta spent several months at the home of The Lombardis in Florham Park, New Jersey, ferreting through the photo albums, love letters, and notebook dairies in order to put together this wondrous memoir. The happy couple have been married over 65 years, as of this second printing.

200 Letters, 62 Years, and a War by Antoinette and Domenic Lombardi

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