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What she said...

Today, I'm sharing this post from Publishing Expert/Coach, Judith Briles of Author You. She has done an excellent job of saying all of the things I wanted to say about being a small publisher. Yes, we are very different from those vanity presses that ask authors for large sums of money to publish their work. This article sums it all up.

Don't Confuse Independent Publishing With Self-Publishing

I started Higher Ground Books & Media back in 2013 after my publisher closed his company. I had books that I wanted to continue selling and I had books in progress that I wanted to continue writing. Rather than pay to publish (which I would never encourage anyone to do), I decided to start my own publishing company and from there, it grew into a fairly successful small publishing business which now contracts with nearly 50 authors as well as a number of talented illustrators and audio-book narrators. We are always accepting submissions and we hope to continue the growth trend we've been blessed to have for the past two years.

If you have a story that you have written and you would like to submit it for review, we are always happy to read submissions. Please be sure to check out our submission guidelines first, though. There are some things we won't publish like horror and erotica. If your work doesn't fit our criteria, you can always self-publish or go as far as creating your own small press. There's room for all of us out here. And we all have a story to tell!

God bless!

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