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We're off to a great start!

As we enter the last half of February, we're pleased to bring you even more great motivational, inspirational, and educational resources! This month, we'll be releasing a brand-new book from HGBM Author, Stephen Shepherd and the third book in HGBM Author, Marjorie Joseph's Destiny series!

The Frost of Lost Words: The Holy Spirit and the Writer by Stephen Shepherd will be available soon, but you can pre-order the paperback now. In this new release, Shepherd discusses how writing can be a spiritual journey if you let it become one. He talks about how connecting with the Holy Spirit while you write can give you an awesome supernatural perspective. The Frost of Lost Words will be available for Kindle within the next few days, and you can pre-order your paperback copy now in the HGBM Shop! And don't forget to pick up Shepherd's other titles; Chronicles of a Spiritual Journey, The Eyes of Understanding, and Losing the Sound of Your Own Stride. All are available on Amazon or in the Shop.

We'll have more information on Marjorie Joseph's upcoming release in our next mailing. Until then, be sure to check out her books in the HGBM Shop as well.

We will also be adding some amazing new authors and great new titles to our roster! So be sure to subscribe for regular updates on new releases, author news, and upcoming events!

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