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Two Great New Releases from HGBM Author, Rebecca Benston!

Nobody lays out the ugly truth like Rebecca Benston. In her new book, Single, Sober, & Serious: Setting Boundaries & Trusting God's Plan, she talks about the necessity of standing up for yourself in relationships. Her advice to the reader: "Don't settle for less than a partner who is willing to do the work that a solid relationship takes. And if you can't find one, don't be afraid to do the work for yourself until God sends him your way."

And in the brand new release, Rejected: The Cancellation of the Qualified Worker, Benston recounts her struggles in searching for a job as a 48 year-old woman displaced from the workforce at the most inopportune of times. A former HR professional, Benston discusses the ups and downs of trying to break back into the workforce in a world that places so little value of foundational talent.

Both titles are available in the HGBM Shop! You can get them here.

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