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The Three Pillars of HGBM

While we are focused on publishing books for God and Country, we are also determined to provide resources in each of these three areas; healing from trauma, growing your faith, and using your gifts. In one way or another, each of our titles falls into one of these three categories. And there's more on the way!

This week's focus is on our first category; healing from trauma. Here we have titles such as

Despising the Shame by Talia Stone, Shameless Persistence by Sandra Bretting, and Finding Purpose in the Pain by Brenda W. McIntyre. These stories of hope and triumph are all about overcoming abuse, illness, neglect, and the impact of other traumatic events.

Despising the Shame is the true story of a woman trapped by secrets and of her trauma, healing, and grace. An honest and raw account of how she overcame abuse suffered at the hands of those she trusted. You can find it in the HGBM Shop.

Shameless Persistence is the true story of a woman's battle with illness and how prayer; her own and that of others, brought her through a life-threatening medical emergency. Also available in the HGBM Shop.

Finding Purpose in the Pain is a devotional for parents who find themselves in the unfortunate and heartbreaking position of being alienated by their children as a result of divisive manipulation by an ex-spouse or partner. You can get it in the HGBM Shop as well.

All of these titles are also available on Amazon. Each one presents a unique story of faith and healing. Get them today!

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