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The Power of Knowing by Jean Walters

Now available from Higher Ground Books & Media, The Power of Knowing by Jean Walters. If you have ever felt empty or emotionally out of control, you have been given the signal - it is time to make some changes. We have lost much in our journey through life - innocence, faith, vision, confidence, and openness. As we begin the process of transformation, and make the necessary course corrections, these are the qualities we reclaim. In this study, you seek to comprehend the path you have chosen. This starts with understanding yourself and what it takes to connect to your deepest essence, for that is where your answers reside. In this process you will learn how to manage your mind and emotions, build self-trust, move deeper into your spiritual essence, and learn the qualities of spiritual mastership.

You can get your copy today from the HGBM Shop or on Amazon.

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