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Take care of you!

May is Mental Health Awareness month and HGBM wants you to take some time for yourself. Stop in at the HGBM Shop and pick up some of our valuable inspirational reads and settle in for some self-care time. This week, our featu

res include:

Fill Your Cup by Deborah Armstrong Bryant. This book is all about making time to take care of yourself. An awesome tool for self-care, Fill Your Cup is a must for your library of empowerment resources.

Awakening by Nancy Flinchbaugh. This contemplative primer on learning to sit will help you learn how to be still. A book about achieving inner peace and inspiration, Awakening will broaden your perspective about what it means to take care of self.

Breaking the Cycle by Willie Deeanjlo White. This book is geared toward helping you break out of destructive patterns and live up to your God-given potential. Pick it up in the HGBM Shop or on Amazon today!

We specialize in books that are educational, inspirational, and motivational. Stop by our shop today and see what we have for you. Even if you simply want to pick up one of our great fiction titles, taking time out to read is always a great idea. And if you are going through some things that are difficult right now, don't hesitate to reach out to someone you trust and just have a conversation. Taking care of one's mental health is so very important and if you don't take the time, often you'll find that the time will take you. And you'll slow down whether you were ready and willing to do so or not. Be proactive. Find empowering resources, research coping methods and how to deal with issues similar to what you are experiencing, connect with like-minded individuals who can offer support in times of need, and of course, don't forget the most important conversation you can have each day; your conversation with God through prayer.

If you are in need of immediate help or find yourself in crisis, you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text ‘MHA’ to 741741 to reach a mental health helpline. Some websites you can visit for support include:

  1. Mental Health America:

  2. Suicide Crisis Lines:

  3. Suicide Prevention Lines:

This information was taken from National Today's Mental Health Awareness Month FAQs. Available at MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH -May 2022 - National Today.

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