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Step One: Start Small

If you're looking to incorporate more gratitude into your life, all you have to do is start with one small step. Just say thank you. In your quiet time with God, just tell Him that you appreciate all He does and that you love Him with all your heart. That's all He wants from us.

So, there is no need to put too much pressure on yourself to come up with grand examples of gratitude. Simply recognizing the smallest of blessings has a great impact on our relationship with God. Acknowledge His work in your life and just say, "Thank You."

Stop in for more on gratitude tomorrow!

As a token of our appreciation for our supporters, we are offering 15% off of all items in the HGBM Shop this week. Be sure to stop in and pick up a few items for your loved ones and for yourself. Just use the code "EasterGratitude" at checkout.

Thanks and God Bless!

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