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For those of you who are also on Pinterest, we want you to know that we also post there from time to time! We would love for you to follow us on Pinterest and support the pins that we post there. You may or may not know that Pinterest is actually a search engine and not necessarily a social media platform. Since it feels a bit different than your average search engine, we sometimes forget that the alternatives to Pinterest are things like Google or Yahoo! Search or Bing. But the unique thing about Pinterest is that you can easily pin things there and you can search for almost any topic and find pins that will give you valuable information on everything from how to cook a meal to how to cut your own hair. Did we mention we're on Pinterest?

Some of our favorite pins there include things like books, cool artwork, tiny houses, cute bunnies and of course, writing tips! Higher Ground Books & Media currently has boards like Great Fiction or Non-Fiction, Ministry Resources, Children's Books, Biography/Memoir, and more. We're adding new content there every day and we would love for you to follow one or more of our boards and let us know what kinds of things you'd like to see there. You can find us there @highergroundbooksandmedia.

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