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Our Newest HGBM Author: Willie White!

We are so pleased to have added Author Willie White to the Higher Ground Books & Media family. His first book, Man Made by Grace is now available in the HGBM store and on Amazon. Get your copy today!

“Man Made” by Grace is a play on the concept of how to become a man of God and the Grace that God has given to man. Acknowledging Christ in 1993 was a decision that at the time I believe that I did on my own, for myself, but nothing could have been farther from the truth. It is and was the awesome Love of God that Drew me into awareness of the need, but it was the foundation of love that prepared me for His Grace. We often times say that God does not need me, and we tell our children that it is their freedom to choose what they believe. It is in those traps of low self worth, independence and freedom of choice that Satan is gaining leverage.

God has spoken to me with many plans to break the bondage of the adversary and in this book we take the journey of revealing the truths of interdependency and brotherhood strengths needed to nurture and develop the attributes of the God Centered Man. Each one Teach One…We Need Each other…”Iron Sharpeneth Iron”!

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