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Our Favorite Things About 2020

As we try to do every year, we are taking this last day to look back at this past year and figure out what we enjoyed the most. As you may have guessed, this task was a bit more challenging this year than it was in years past. But we gave it a shot. Check out our highlights below:

Favorite Movie - Call of the Wild, though we didn't get to see as many this year as we would have liked. The Invisible Man was also pretty good.

Favorite Song - We didn't listen to much music this year...but we sure did listen to a bunch of audio-books! We've got about 30 available on, so be sure to check those out!

Favorite Book - That's a tough one, we added about 27 new titles this year, so it's hard to pick a favorite. Stop by our Shop page to see what great new books we've got!

Most Interesting Place - We usually take a vacation out West, but this year we didn't due to COVID. We did, however, get to visit some pretty cool places locally. Our favorite was the Friends Museum in Waynesville, Ohio. So many cool things and such an inspiring look into our history. This was just one of the interesting sites we found here in Ohio. I'll be sharing more about those in a future post.

Most Exciting Discovery - That there are many really great DIY "shows" available on YouTube. We turned to YouTube for entertainment because all of the usual television shows were either off the air or off the deep end. So, in the interest of maintaining sanity, we watched several talented folks on YouTube put together some very interesting projects using Dollar Store items. Who knew that Grey's Anatomy could be so easily replaced by Glue Guns & Roses or But First, Coffee?

Most Appreciated Service - Aside from our appreciation for all of the fine service men and women out there as well as our police officers and first responders, we became very good friends with home delivery services this year. DoorDash and Instacart became two of our closest friends. We enjoyed the convenience of these services so much that I'm sure we will still use these services quite a bit once all of our COVID restrictions are lifted.

This year certainly required us to be a bit more resourceful in terms of entertainment and everything else we do, but the changes weren't necessarily bad. While we are eager to see things open up completely, we feel pretty good about the change of pace and we welcome the "extra" time that God has given us to regroup and recharge. We hope that you are able to take some time for yourself and refresh your spirit for the coming year! If you don't hear from us again before then, have a safe and Happy New Year's!

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