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New! Girl's Guide to Mars by Quiaundra Nance

Just released! Girl's Guide to Mars by Quiaundra Nance is now available from HGBM! Get your copy in the HGBM Shop and on Amazon!

Girl’s Guide to Mars’ lessons in self-love offers a realistically gritty yet freshly optimistic look at my journey to self-love. I feel as though we are never done learning, never done growing, never done finding the lessons in life and Girl’s Guide to Mars is the perfect beginner’s guide to learning and loving yourself. If you’re lost and you seem to keep finding yourself in bad relationship after bad relationship, then this book is definitely for you. If you’re having feelings of low worth and self-doubt, then this book is for you. If you’re burnt out and just need some inspiration this book is absolutely for you, no matter what stage of life you’re in there’s something in my book to inspire you.

Get your copy today!

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