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New from HGBM & Author, Terra Kern!

Forgiven and Not Forgotten is now available on Kindle! You can also pre-order your paperback from the HGBM Shop. Forgiven and Not Forgotten is the story of the author's relationship with God since her childhood combined with revelations from the Holy Spirit of what He is doing in this present season. In writing this book, God led her to revisit her past, including the dark seasons she would have preferred to have left buried and the times she rushed on with her life leaving Him standing in the dust. He revealed to her how He was working behind the scenes to bring her to a predestined place in Him. God has revealed through the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit what season, we, the body of Christ, find ourselves in today and what exciting things lay just ahead for His people.

Get your e-book and be sure to pre-order your paperback today!

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