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New from HGBM Author, Stephen Shepherd

We're pleased to announce the release of Losing the Sound of Your Own Stride by Stephen Shepherd.

Losing the Sound of Your Own Stride explains through essays why people are not able to discern the spiritual nature of their own walk with God. Many people have lost the sound of why God put them here to walk the earth. Instead of striding towards God and His ways, many people are walking away from Him because they do not hear the sound of God’s moral direction for them. Therefore, Losing the Sound of Your Own Stride is about how to find your own moral obligation to walk with God. Concepts like faith, the Bible, salvation, and Jesus’ mission are discussed so that those people seeking to return to Jesus can find Him.

You can get your copy of this and others by Stephen Shepherd in the HGBM Shop. Pre-order the paperback today!

Also available for Kindle!

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