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Moving Day…

I'm sure you've all experienced the wonderful woes of moving. This month, it appears to be my turn. As I sit here, listening to the movers outside and watching the clock as each costly minute passes, I think to myself, "There has to be a better way!" My daughter and I moved quite a bit of the stuff on our own, but we have accumulated so much over the last few years that it just seems neverending. Even after purging a good portion of junk, we still have so much seemingly useless stuff that I wonder if we can ever put it all away again.

Sometimes, it's just that way. What we think should be able to be easily accomplished takes many unexpected turns and you're set back a few months while you try to fix the collateral damage of something that should have been a positive move. It catches us off guard, but eventually we get back on track.

With that in mind, please bear with us as we are putting our new home together. I'm usually online many hours a day, working and then working some more to put together books and promos for you, but right now I'm a bit discombobulated.

While you wait for us to get it together, please check out our Shop page for great, inspirational titles. We'll even give you 20% off for the next couple of weeks. Just use code MOVING at checkout.

When you need a little reminder of why change is painful, but necessary, just remember that God always has a plan and purpose for the challenges we face. Just keep moving forward. It will eventually come together.

God bless!

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