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Merry Christmas from HGBM!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! We've had several new releases since Thanksgiving and we wanted to share a bit about those here:

The Happy Little Bear's Very Merry Christmas by Amy Land

Join the Happy Little Bear and his family for a wonderful celebration of Christmas! Share in the fun as the bears share everything from decorating the tree to opening the presents.

The Happy Little Bear Goes to the Farm by Amy Land

The Happy Little Bear meets some new friends as he visits Farmer Tom's farm! Join him as he spends the day tending the cows, sheep, geese, and pigs.

Pixie Trist and Bo Search for the Biggest Bestest Hat by Charlotte Hopkins

Join Pixie Trist and Bo as they go in search of a fine hat for Hat Day! Will they find the right one in time?

200 Letters, 62 Years, and a War by Antoinette & Domenic Lombardi

Domenic and Antoinette Lombardi began dating when they were teenagers. And soon afterward Domenic was called to fight in the Korean War. During his time in combat, he wrote his love, Antoinette, over 200 letters. She saved every one of them. She also put together scrap books that contained newspaper clippings of the war, photographs, holiday cards, and other memorabilia; as well as more recent newspaper clippings of celebrations such as their anniversaries and birthdays.

All of these are available at the HGBM Shop! Stop in and grab a copy today!

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