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Many thanks for an awesome day!

Yesterday, I spent the day with some really cool people! Thanks to HGBM Author, Theresa Garee and the fantastic people at Manta Press and Social-Ally, I was able to participate in the Ohio Authors Book Fair at Destination Outlets. It was a beautiful day, and I made some great connections! It was the first event I had attended in at least a couple of years, so I was a bit out of practice. But I managed to go around and bug just about everyone and even sold a few books in the process. It's so hard to pull these types of events off successfully, but this team did a wonderful job! I thought I would share a few photos here to show you what you missed!

Here's hoping you'll be able to attend the next event! HGBM is hoping to host one before the end of the year, so stay tuned for details!

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