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Higher Ground Books & Media presents Oasis or Mirage: Which Jesus Are You Following? by Terra Kern

Now Available for Paperback Pre-Order. Oasis or Mirage: Which Jesus Are You Following? by Terra Kern.

Richard Nowik, Associate Pastor of Mt. Zion Church in Clarkston, MI says, “In Oasis or Mirage: Which Jesus Are You Following? we are confronted with a question that must be answered. From Terra's accepted definition of an oasis, Jesus is offering His followers a fertile place to grow and be life for others. At the heart of the book, Jesus is calling His church to walk in maturity and demonstrate the fruit of the kingdom. While the mirage is offering similar looking things, they only come to enslave us to lies brought forth by darkness masquerading as light. Terra sets a foundation for the Oasis available to us in Jesus Christ through strong use of the Word of God, so we can contrast it against the mirages all around us.”

Terra Kern resides in Clarkston, Michigan and is not only the author of Oasis or Mirage and Forgiven And Not Forgotten, but also the author of the Little Jenna Jafferty series for children, as well as a contributing author of the anthology, Girl Get Up and Win. She has been married for 37 years to her husband Bill and is mother to three children who have blessed her with nine grandchildren thus far. She has been serving the Lord for most of her adult life and has been an ordained minister for over 25 years. When Terra isn't writing, you can find her spending time with Lexi and Lacey, her rescue pup and kitten. In the summer months you'll be sure to find her tending her flower beds as she loves the beauty of nature and finds her gardens to be the perfect place for walking and talking with God, just like Adam and Eve did in the beginning. If she's not there, then she is traveling with her husband exploring shorelines and enjoying the sun, sand and surf. In the summer evenings, she keeps her eyes to the skies awaiting the artistry of God as He paints breathtaking sunsets.

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher based in Springfield, OH. We publish stories that are inspirational, educational, and motivational! Our work is Christian-based and we strive to share stories of positive transformation that showcase God's power in our lives. You can find more information about this title and others offered by HGBM at

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