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HGBM Author to Present Class on Overcoming Bullying

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta, Author of I Don't Want to Be Like You will be presenting Be YOUnique: Don't Let Bullies Define You as part of an Allfalfa Speaking Series beginning on June 9th. In this one-hour talk, she will share how she became empowered by music and how she got the nerve to fight back (while both teachers and parents of bullies turned a blind eye to what was going on). There is no resentment, only growth.

Her goal for this talk is to help empower others into believing in themselves; and not letting what others think define YOU! For more information or to register, visit the course page here.

Maryanne's book, I Don't Want to Be Like You is available in the HGBM Shop or on Amazon.

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