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Healing from Trauma: Starting Over

There is no trauma quite so undermining to one's confidence as that of losing one's job or livelihood. This can be especially traumatizing if you've had several years with a company and established a significant identity in relation to your work. When we are asked to leave or told that our services are no longer needed, it can feel like a gut-punch. But is it really necessary to feel so much hurt or shame over job loss? Sometimes, God releases us from a situation that is no longer serving us or from one that has, in fact, been toxic to us. When we aren't willing to stand up for ourselves, God always is and sometimes, His solution to those problems presents itself as a terrifying loss when it is exactly the opposite. God is great at "tough love" and often will thrust us out the door without telling us where He intends to take us on the next leg of our journey.

In the book, Rejected: The Cancellation of the Qualified Worker by Rebecca Benston, we explore one woman's journey to find provision and a new identity after being unceremoniously kicked to the curb by her employer of five years. After nearly two years of searching, she finds that God wasn't taking something from her, but giving something back to her; her dignity and a sense of value. While the book details the struggles of an older worker in today's ridiculously illogical job market, it also reveals that our value doesn't lie in what an Applicant Tracking System sees. It lies in Him. And that can't be changed no matter how many rejection letters we receive.

Get your copy of Rejected: The Cancellation of the Qualified Worker in the HGBM Shop! You're not alone in your struggles. So, don't throw away your confidence. God is giving it back to you!

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