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Healing from Trauma? Read these.

Higher Ground Books & Media is all about healing. We want to help you heal from trauma. And while we aren't able to work with you directly, we can offer you resources that will help you to understand that you are not alone in your struggle. Nothing replaces the help and guidance of a good counselor or therapist, but prayer and stories that point you to victory over your challenges are big steps in the right direction. Check out these empowering books today in the HGBM Shop!

These titles will be on sale in the HGBM Shop this week

Raven Transcending Fear by Terri Kozlowski

From a Hole in My Life to a Life Made Whole by Janet Kay Teresa

Domestic by H.S. Daniels

Love's Resurrection by Daniel K. Held

Through the Sliver of a Frosted Window by Robin Melet

Forgiven and Not Forgotten by Terra Kern

Despising the Shame by Talia Stone

Finding Purpose in the Pain by Brenda W. McIntyre

Dear You by Derra Nicole Sabo

I Don't Want to Be Like You by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

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