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Get Ready for Sales!

We do things a little differently here at HGBM. While most shops are starting their twelve days of Christmas promotions now, we're gearing up for twelve really cool days of sales on our website starting on December 13th. During that time, we'll have a few contests and daily specials on our paperbacks and Kindle releases on Amazon. We'll be posting our Kindle sales schedule next week so you can mark your calendar to get in on those deals!

Today, we're asking that you subscribe to our website so that you can get notifications when sales are posted. And don't forget to sign up for our HGBM Rewards program. You earn rewards with every purchase! Just click on the purple rewards button in the lower left corner of the page when you're visiting our website.

New releases are on the way, and we've got a great plan for 2023! Let's enjoy this holiday season together. Grab a few books for the kids and some great ministry resources and devotionals for yourself, your friends, and family. Books bring wisdom and healing, and what greater gift can you give to those you care about? HGBM wants to help educate, inspire, and empower you so that life can be the journey that God has planned for you.

Stay tuned for great deals! God bless!


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