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Feed Your Soul With These Great Resources!

In these strange and uncertain times, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is always there for us and He will make a way! Higher Ground Books & Media has some great, uplifting resources to help you take a good look at the things that are blocking your path to wholeness. We want you to overcome the obstacles to your healing and the books we offer can help you do that. Check out our shop today to see what we have for you! We're having a sale this week as we enter into the month of February. All of the titles in our HGBM Shop are available for 10% off the regular price. We want you to be able to feed your soul the good things it craves! The first step is taking a look at the resources we have available in our Shop. Something there is sure to catch your eye!

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher based in Springfield, OH. We publish stories that are inspirational, educational, and motivational! Our work is Christian-based and we strive to share stories of positive transformation that showcase God's power in our lives. You can find more information at our website.

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