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In a society that is so caught up in celebrating all that the world has to offer over what God promises, it is difficult to get people interested or excited about the great gifts that we have been given through Jesus Christ. When confronted with the reality that we are indeed, in a battle, a battle for the souls of each and every human being, we tend to opt for milder forms of entertainment like football, rather than spend our free time looking for ways to use our God-given gifts to bring others to Christ. We know that it is tough to get people to understand the importance of being rooted in the word of God. We understand that it can be tough to convince people that living a life that glorifies Christ is worth the trouble. We get that being on the other side of evil is just not popular in today's society. That's why we're here.

Higher Ground Books & Media has a group of the finest, most loving, God-fearing authors that you'll ever find. They have all come to us with their books because they want to be a part of something that is focused on getting the word out about God's glory and how much we need Him. They believe that His grace and mercy has carried them through tough times and provided healing and strength for them when they were in need.

This week, we are highlighting titles about healing from trauma. In the spotlight are authors Terri Kozlowski, Brenda W. McIntyre, and H.S. Daniels. Three very different stories, but three outcomes that show God's glory in a very special way. You can heal from past wounds and move into a life filled with joy and blessings. These stories will help you to see that you are not alone in your struggles and that with faith, you can find your way to a better life. So, if you're not particularly into the whol Super Bowl scene, or even if you are, spend some time this weekend gathering resources that will help you rebuild and recover from past trauma.

You can find these titles in the HGBM Shop and this week, we'll give you 20% off of your order. Just use code HEAL22 at checkout. Offer good through 2/20/22.

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