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Day 4 – I Got Nothin’

On this 4th day of my 47 Days of Self-Care project, I spent much of the day running around thinking about all of the things I needed to get done. I finally sat down to do some work late in the afternoon but found it hard to focus because I was so tired from working too much during the rest of the week. I pushed the blog posting to the very end of my day thinking that I could write something decent once I’d done everything else. The pressure of crossing everything off of my “to do” list would simply not allow me to put together a sentence, much less an entire blog post. Little did I know that it wouldn’t matter how much I got done or how late in the day I waited; if I had nothing in particular to say, then I was not going to miraculously come up with a great topic for Day 4. So, here we are. I’m tired. I’m watching some Netflix. And I’m thinking there is probably no nicer thing I can do for myself today than to just write this paragraph, tell you all goodnight, and start over in the morning. So, goodnight and God bless. We’ll talk more tomorrow.

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